Top 3 Halloween Treat Pairings

October 29, 2010

Back by popular demand...

Now that I’ve got my own little trick-or-treaters, I thought it might be nice to offer some suggestions for vinous accompaniment to any of the loot that you manage to pry from the sticky mitts of the ghosts and goblins this Sunday the 31st (purely for their own good, of course).

Here goes...

Candy Corn - Candy pairs well with, well, candy. Go with a white sweet wine, preferably something with a touch of acidity to wash over those aching cavities in waiting. Recommended: Loire sweet wines, German Riesling (Spatlese or above).

Popcorn – a classic combination pairs popcorn with Champagne. In a famous tidbit from Hollywood lore, Humphrey Bogart was known to tempt his would-be mistresses with just such a concoction. If it worked for Bogey, why not you?

Chocolate – Swooned over by adult treat seekers as well as kids of any any age, chocolate pairs favorably with so many deeply-fruited red wines that it’s fun to experiment. Try chocolate desserts (or plain chocolate) with rich Shiraz from Australia, Amarone from Italy, Banyuls from France, Vintage Port or even a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon from California or Bordeaux.

Pez – no wine goes with Pez and if you’re still eating them as an adult, that is not a good sign.

-Jon Rimmerman
Seattle, WA